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      Research Profile

      PolyU’s internationally recognised research has produced an abundance of innovations, from world changing discoveries to business and industrial solutions and innovations for social good. The availability of state-of-the-art research centres and facilities have fostered ground-breaking multidisciplinary collaborations and research outcomes.

      As a world-class research university, PolyU firmly believes that research is an integral part of academic life on campus. It informs teaching and advances the frontiers of knowledge and technology, thus contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of business and industry and to Hong Kong's move towards a knowledge-based economy.

      PolyU Research Opportunities

      Worldwide and HK Research Studies in PolyU | Our researchers and innovators ensure that making new discoveries is not the end but the start to a better world.

      PolyU Research Study Projects

      With long-established culture of pioneering research studies, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has always been devoted to carrying out new projects on advanced science in contribution to research studies both in HK and worldwide. Putting emphasis on quality learning and teaching together with knowledge transfer, PolyU firmly believes that research study is a significant component of academic life on university campus. PolyU is devoted to be an educational hub where innovation meets application, thus all the research study projects are meant to meet the practical needs of our community, our country and our globe. Throughout our 80-year journey of development, the laboratories and research office of PolyU have brought numerous insightful research study projects to life and have benefited various groups with specific needs.

      Groundbreaking HK Research Studies

      Hong Kong has been developing into a knowledge-based economy since the past decade. In PolyU, our scientists and research teams work day and night to search for new breakthroughs in technology and scientific knowledge. The scope of research in HK is rich and profound, and PolyU has always been one of the leading institutions in the advancement of technological frontiers. The achievements of the research studies in PolyU have been encouraging. Our researchers have brought forth significant improvements in people's lives. One of the best examples is PolyU¡¯s successful development of space tool. Jointly created by our researchers of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), the Camera Pointing System has successfully landed on the moon¡¯s surface following the launch of Chang¡¯e-3 lunar probe. In addition to this, the pioneering lunar mapping techniques developed by the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics has been deployed in the topographical analysis and landing site selection of Chang¡¯e-3. This is a huge milestone in the history of HK research studies in related to national projects.

      Where Innovation Meets Application, Our Care About the Community

      In PolyU, research studies are conducted to solve the problems we face today and to change the world we live in. In the hope of meeting the practical needs of the community we serve, we carefully inspect society¡¯s needs and actively seek for possible solutions. Some examples of our fruitful projects include electronic ¡°bat ears¡± for the visually impaired, the ¡°Hand of Hope¡± for stroke patients to move their paralyzed hands, the environmentally friendly building blocks "Eco-blocks" derived from beverage containers and waste. PolyU takes pride in the hard work of our researchers. Hence, we have been continuously seeking funding from various means to expand our scope of research. Apart from the grants from the university, our academics also applied for funding from external source such as governments and private sectors. In the academic year 2015/16, the total amount of funding was HK$2,540 million, sponsoring over 3,600 research study projects carried out by thousands of academic staff and researchers who greatly reflect the school¡¯s commitment to research excellence.