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      PolyU offers a scholarship scheme for outstanding students from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and overseas. Details are available from our Study@PolyU website. In addition, there are also scholarships and prizes donated by private organizations, firms, professional bodies and individuals to the University.

      Apart from scholarships, financial assistance from the government and PolyU is also available for those in need. Please visit the website of Centre STARS (Student Advancement and Resources) for more information about scholarships and financial assistance for students.

      Hong Kong University Scholarships for International Students - PolyU

      PolyU serves as one of the best Hong Kong universities, scholarships for international students and local students are offered to whom admitted to our programmes in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University recognizes the academic and/or non-academic achievements of our students through offering different types of scholarships. Normally, these scholarships are awarded to current international and local students pursuing full-time undergraduate programmes leading to PolyU awards.

      Entry Scholarships for Outstanding Students

      PolyU accords recognition to outstanding international and local students admitted to its full-time undergraduate programmes by granting them scholarships of various amounts offered by the University, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government or donors on the basis of academic merit or non-academic achievements (e.g. prizes/awards received in internationally recognized competitions). University scholarships are mostly tenable for the normal duration of the students¡¯ study.

      Hong Kong University Scholarships for International Students - PolyU

      Outstanding international students who wish to be considered for scholarships should fill in the application form for scholarship during application via eAdmission. Those who are awarded scholarships will be informed when they are offered admission. Scholarships are allocated on a rolling and competitive basis, students are therefore encouraged to submit your application for earlier consideration.

      Post-entry Scholarships and Prizes

      Post-entry scholarships, normally ranging in value from around HK$8,000 to HK$80,000 each, are also available to full-time undergraduate students. These scholarships are normally awarded on academic merit and/or according to other specific conditions as stipulated by the donors. Some are specifically intended for travel so that students can broaden their professional knowledge and widen their personal horizons.

      Most scholarship candidates are nominated by the Heads of academic departments, but some scholarships are open to competition.