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      Work-Integrated Education

      With the emphasis on practical training and connecting classroom theory with workplace applications, PolyU is well recognized for providing professional education to meet the needs of society. This explains why the University’s graduates are extremely popular with employers, as reaffirmed by independent surveys over the years.

      We place top priority on nurturing all-round students with professional competence. All students taking undergraduate degree programmes are required to complete a mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE) component as part of the curriculum requirement. And PolyU is the only university in Hong Kong which implements this WIE requirement starting from 2005/06.

      Students can choose from a number of programmes to fulfill the WIE requirements. The Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS) also offers different placement opportunities for students to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.

      Work-Integrated Education: offshore placements

      YearNo. of students
      2018 1,347
      2017 1,339
      2016 1,200
      2015 1,145
      2014 926
      2013 684
      2012 576

      PolyU students share fruitful journey in Work-Integrated Education

      A unique feature of PolyU’s undergraduate curriculum is the mandatory Work-Integrated Education programme, which requires students to engage in authentic projects or work as interns in an organisational context. Offshore internships further expanded PolyU students’ global perspectives and gave them practical working experience. These internships were available in 30 overseas countries, 10 Chinese mainland cities and Taiwan. In 2016/17, more than 1,300 PolyU students took part in offshore internships worldwide and in the Chinese mainland, including 1,150 students who participated in Belt and Road locations. Offshore Work-Integrated Education sponsorships were also provided to fund the passage, accommodation and travel insurance expenses of students undertaking internships.

      In 2016, Over 80% of students rated “Overall learning gains from Work-Integrated Education” as 8 or above (out of 10). Students generally rated their Work-Integrated Education experiences as worthwhile and agreed that learning outcomes had been achieved. Meanwhile, over 80% of employers rated their “Overall Impression” on PolyU students as 4 or above (out of 5). Most employers praised PolyU’s students for their good working attitude and readiness to learn.

      PolyU has launched the Work-Integrated Education Ambassador Programme since 2013. The ambassadors act as the “spokespersons” for the Work-Integrated Education programmes. They will share their valuable internship experience and tips to the Work-Integrated Education participants of the next year. As an extension of the Work-Integrated Education Ambassador Programme, Work-Integrated Education Ambassadors are invited to become Work-Integrated Education Mentors to further elevate their leadership potential through engagement in future Work-Integrated Education trip planning and arrangement.

      When the Work-Integrated Education programme came to a fruitful close, PolyU would hold an exhibition to showcase students’ internship experience during the year. At the Work-Integrated Education Night cum Closing Ceremony, students shared their personal stories and Work-Integrated Education Ambassadors exchanged with participants on the experience gained during internship.

      PolyU is the first tertiary institution in Hong Kong to have incorporated a mandatory Work-Integrated Education component into the undergraduate curriculum. This pioneering initiative was introduced in 2005 to enhance the all-round development and professional competence of our students facing an ever-changing and increasingly competitive business environment.