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      Student Development Programmes

      PolyU strives to develop the leaders of tomorrow: all-round graduates who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers, lifelong learners and ethical leaders with a strong sense of social purpose, as well as a global outlook. A wide variety of development programmes are offered to students through:

      Entrepreneurship Development

      As a university that takes pride in professional education, PolyU has been dedicated to developing hands-on skills and experience of its students so that they are better equipped to play contributing roles to industry and society. In today’s knowledge economy, it is essential to develop our young people to be more creative, entrepreneurial and yet socially responsible.

      To this end, PolyU offers different forms of “out-of-classroom” entrepreneurship education and practice to nurture our young people’s innovative and entrepreneurial potentials. Notably the University has established seed funding programmes to support our students and graduates to unleash their creative potentials and to practise “Do Well Do Good” entrepreneurship.

      Placement/Internship Programmes

      We place top priority in nurturing all-round students with professional competence. All students taking undergraduate degree programmes are required to complete a mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE) component as part of the curriculum requirement. And PolyU is the only university in Hong Kong which implements this WIE requirement since 2005/06.

      Students can choose from a number of programmes to fulfill the WIE requirements. Office of Careers and Placement Services also offers different placement opportunities for students to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.

      Click here for more information about our placement/internship programmes.

      Student Exchange Programmes

      PolyU full-time students will have the opportunity to take part in the Student Exchange Programme, both to experience a different culture and to enhance their language ability.

      In 2017/18, over 650 PolyU students spent one or two semesters at one of the University’s 230 exchange partner institutions across 37 countries. The University also welcomed over 650 students from more than 50 countries and regions. The campus has been enriched by the students’ diverse cultures. In addition, some 85 PolyU students went on exchanges in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and the University received nearly 240 students from these places.

      PolyU offers financial assistance to needy students which can cover up to 50% of the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs so that every student who wants to study one term or even an academic year at a non-local university has the opportunity to do so.

      Latest information about the exchange programmes is available from the website of:

      Figure on student exchange programmes

      Internships in Hong Kong or Foreign Countries | intern abroad programs offered by PolyU

      PolyU is the first tertiary institution in Hong Kong to have incorporated mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE) internships into the undergraduate curriculum. This pioneering initiative was introduced in 2005 to enhance the all-round development and professional competence of our students facing an ever-changing and increasingly competitive business environment. To allow all undergraduate students can benefit from work-based learning, the initiative has been made a mandatory graduation requirement starting from the 2005/06 academic year. Apart from the local WIE, PolyU has developed consolidated network with multinational companies, our internships offers students the opportunity to gain work experience in foreign countries. The intern abroad programs allow students to achieve personal growth.

      To satisfy the WIE requirement for graduation, students must acquire their work-based learning experience through tackling and learning from tasks and problems from a real workplace. The condition of organisational context demands that the WIE strategies should engage students in carrying out activities in a company or an organisation of the real world. PolyU students can choose to have internships abroad in foreign countries or look for internship in Hong Kong. No matter which programs they come from, they have opportunities to intern aboard.

      Internships in foreign countries are rewarding as they are now, more than ever, a key tool for students to gain experience in their respective fields and earn credibility with future employers. The intern abroad programs almost guarantee that students will stand out among stacks of resumes and in interviews due to their abilities to overcome the challenges of living and working in a different culture. For those wishing to combine their travel plans with an educational desire to gain career experience, they may consider internships in foreign countries. For those wishing to gain work experiences in local workplace, they may participate in internship program in Hong Kong.

      PolyU offers internships worldwide, including Hong Kong and foreign countries such as Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam. Students may need to consider the following issues when they join the intern abroad programs:

      No matter internships in Hong Kong or foreign countries, students appreciated that the experience allowed them to acquire more professional knowledge and specific skills and put them into practice. Also, they have become more confident to deal with future workplace and challenges.

      To encourage students to take internships in foreign countries, PolyU’s Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS) offers sponsorships and incentives to students for their efforts made. Allowance is also provided by CAPS for students with proven financial difficulties.

      Also, PolyU provides students with Pre-WIE Training allowing them to be better prepared for taking on their internship. Students who are about to start their internship will be invited to attend the training.