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      Quality Assurance

      We have developed a Quality Assurance (QA) framework, mechanisms and processes to support the University's mission of achieving 'Academic Excellence in a Professional Context', and foster the quality culture of the entire PolyU community. Major elements of PolyU’s QA mechanisms and processes are:

      LevelKey mechanisms and processes

      Quality Assurance Committee (Academic Departments) and Quality Assurance Committee (Non-Academic Units) under the Senate are responsible for:

      • Setting up and periodic review of overall QA framework and mechanisms
      • Review of feedback from Deans/overseeing senior management on reports submitted by departments
      • Initiating Departmental Assessment (DA) /Departmental Review (DR) exercises
      • Review of DA/DR reports submitted by DA/DR Panels
      Faculty (and equivalent level for Non-Academic units)
      • Monitoring and maintaining the quality of academic activities or support services or departments overseen
      • Providing guidance on and monitoring implementation of Departmental QA
      • Review the Annual Operation Plan submitted by departments
      • Follow up on improvement plans indicated by departments in previous Reports
      • Annual Operation Plan (for academic departments) or Annual Report and Business Plan (for non-academic units)
      • 6-yearly DR (for academic departments) or DA (for non-academic units)
      • Departmental Academic Advisor (DAA) system (for academic departments)
      • Departmental Advisory Committee (DAC) system (for academic departments)
      Programme and subject
      • Programme planning, validation and management (including annual Programme Review)
      • Academic regulations and mechanisms governing student admissions, exams and assessment and final awards
      • Student Feedback Questionnaire
      • Subject Assessment Review Panel
      • Board of Examiners

      Since academic departments are the backbone of the University's governance structure, and most activities are mainly affiliated with academic departments, the department's QA system forms an essential part of the assessment process. Departments are encouraged to engage in continuous improvement of quality by evaluating their own performance through benchmarking against a set of performance indicators.

      We take pride in the quality of our professional programmes, as well as their practical characteristics. The quality of our programmes is sustained throughout the processes of planning and design, validation and approval, implementation and day-to-day management, and periodic reviews after implementation.

      The QA mechanisms and processes at departmental level involve both internal parties and external specialists. The Departmental Advisory Committee (DAC) system, which has been in place since the 1970's, plays an important role in steering the academic development of the Institution. The DAC serves as an interface between an academic Department and the relevant profession in Hong Kong, and gives advice on the directions of a department as well as its programmes, research and other activities.

      For more information about PolyU’s preparation for and follow up to QAC quality audits, please visit https://www2.polyu.edu.hk/ltc/qac/index.html. (For PolyU Staff only)