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      Learning & Teaching

      PolyU is dedicated to providing excellent education via quality teaching and learning. As set out in the University's Strategic Plan 2012/13-2017/18, our overarching aim on learning and teaching is to 'provide students with a high quality, effective and rewarding learning experience that equips them with the wisdom, skills and attributes necessary to demonstrate knowledge and integrity, to progress in their career, to adapt to change, and to become responsible global citizens who make meaningful contributions to their profession and the community'. Towards this end, a set of strategic actions have been identified in the Strategic Plan and internal and external resources have been committed to support the implementation of the strategic actions.

      Learning and Teaching Quality

      The Learning and Teaching Committee under the Senate is in place to oversee policies, procedures and matters pertaining to learning and teaching development at PolyU.

      The University believes that the major role of higher education is to promote learning and our philosophy on learning and teaching is realized through the design and implementation of both formal curricula and extra-/co-curricular activities.

      The University is committed to promote learning and teaching initiatives by using the Teaching Development Grants (TDGs) to support projects either at the faculty/departmental or subject levels. The fundamental objective of the projects is to improve the quality of teaching and learning to achieve student learning outcomes, i.e. all-round development of the PolyU students.The outcomes and deliverables of the projects are disseminated in our TDG website.

      PolyU values good teaching. We have established policies and mechanisms to ensure the quality of staff we recruit, monitor teaching quality, and recognize and reward staff appropriately for their accomplishments in teaching. We have also set up an institutional structure for promoting quality teaching, and provide a wide range of staff development programmes and activities to empower staff to continually improve their teaching and, ultimately, their students’ learning.

      Recognition and Awards

      PolyU presents a number of annual awards to staff in recognition of excellence in teaching. Scholarships and prizes are also awarded to students in recognition of outstanding scholarly achievement.

      Contact Us

      For more information on teaching and learning at PolyU, please visit the website of

      PolyU’s quality education and outstanding scholar recognized for teaching excellence

      PolyU scooped two awards in the 2016 University Grants Committee (UGC) Teaching Award and is the first university in Hong Kong receiving more than one award in the same year. The awards recognized the outstanding teaching performance and achievements of our academics, as well as their leadership and scholarly contributions to teaching and learning. The University will continue to strive for excellence in its teaching and research pursuits, providing high quality education that enriches each student’s abilities.

      One of the defining characteristics of PolyU is our focus on meeting the needs of business, industry and the community through education and research. This approach has served us well over the years, which is evidenced by the quality of professional education programmes we offer and the innovative research we conduct.

      PolyU offers quality education through innovative programmes, approachable academics who demonstrate hands-on learning technique, and a friendly learning environment. We also develop a culture of teaching excellence. To tie in with the reform of the higher education sector in 2012, which changed from a 3-year to a 4-year system, we implemented a new undergraduate curriculum with a view to nurturing our students to succeed in their chosen professions and to develop into all-round global citizens. We are constantly evaluating the curriculum to ensure the provision of quality education, and using various tools to gauge the effectiveness of the learning outcomes and to examine student feedback.

      The ultimate goal of education at PolyU was to "develop the right people to fill the needs of society". Given that PolyU has the largest student intake of all UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong, this is indeed a demanding task. PolyU students are hardworking, pragmatic and have ideals, with most of them heavily focused on obtaining a quality education. Indeed, providing future leaders with precisely the right knowledge to serve Hong Kong will be critical to the University's ongoing success.