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      As a dedicated strategic partner of business and industry, PolyU is committed to creating and transferring technology and knowhow with application value to the wider world in various ways. The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) has thus been established to transfer these state-of-the-art innovations to industry and have them commercialized. We normally adopt consultancy and licensing as our major modes of knowledge transfer.


      PolyU Technology and Consultancy Company Limited (PTeC) is the commercial arm of the University, offering one-stop professional consultancy services to businesses and organizations ranging from SMEs, private corporations, non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) to government departments. We draw upon the diverse multidisciplinary research and expertise base of our academic researchers to deliver consultancy services that offer insight and solutions to many of the challenges faced by organizations today.


      Many of our research project deliverables are protected by patents, so that the interests of PolyU and our inventors can be safeguarded. Licensing options enable our partner companies to commercialize PolyU’s patented technologies to develop new products or enhance their product quality and/or operational performance, allowing them to stay ahead of market trends and profit from technological advancements.

      Patent Search

      PolyU values the protection of intellectual property. Therefore, we have been carefully protecting our researchers’ innovations through patent registration. Currently there are a wide range of PolyU products and technologies available for licensing, and they can easily be searched and accessed using our Patent Search engine.

      Advancement of knowledge and technology transfer in PolyU

      Knowledge and technology transfer has been an integral part of PolyU’s mission. The University brings technological innovation to business and industry with the aim of creating a new stream of advances that will better the world and benefit mankind. According to the Annual Reports on Knowledge Transfer Recurrent Funding 2016/17 submitted to the University Grants Committee by the eight government-funded local universities, PolyU recorded HK$505 million income from knowledge transfer activities and was placed at the top of local institutions.

      PolyU is destined to accomplish its mission “to advance knowledge and the frontiers of technology to meet the changing needs of society”. It lays down a solid foundation steering knowledge and technology transfer, enlightening innovation as well as nurturing technology development from which PolyU capitalizes on sustaining its research outcomes with high applicability.

      PolyU is also making big leaps in the areas of knowledge and technology transfer. We established the University Research Facility in 3D Printing — the first 3D printing facility among tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and the largest local 3D printing research centre in terms of the range and quality of facilities. The facility will further PolyU’s collaboration with industry, especially in the realm of knowledge and technology transfer.

      PolyU has long supported community development through knowledge and technology transfer. The University has further included “impact” as a component of the Research Assessment Exercise to encourage faculties, departments and faculty staff to give more thought in this direction.

      PolyU’s Knowledge Transfer Committee supports the governance of the major activities in knowledge and technology transfer of the University. Their terms of reference are:

      In 2017, PolyU held the “Stars Connected” gala dinner in celebration of its 80th anniversary. The event was graced by the presence of more than 300 guests, including government officials, entrepreneurs, industry partners and PolyU researchers. At the occasion, Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Excellence Awards and Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award were presented to PolyU researchers and partnering organisations respectively, in recognition of their remarkable contributions in promoting knowledge and technology transfer. An exhibition was also set up to showcase the award-winning research projects and startups funded by various PolyU seed funding programmes.