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      Executive Development

      The Institute for Entrepreneurship provides professional services in management consultancy, customized training for corporations, executive development, and entrepreneurial development in focused areas through the following units:

      Our expertise in developing and managing training programmes is the basis for customized training services delivering for participants ranging from tertiary students to corporate executives.

      In addition, the Institute of Advanced Executive Education (IAEE) offers advanced executive education and provides interdisciplinary programmes. Apart from open and bespoke programmes, the Institute provides Executive Master programmes for senior executives and professionals.

      Executive development training offered by PolyU

      Recognizing executive development training as one of the key strengths of successful businesses, PolyU has set up the Institute of Advanced Executive Education (IAEE) and the Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) as part of the lifelong education commitment, to nurture entrepreneurs and executives responding to the strategic needs of the corporate world.

      IAEE is committed to providing a range of interdisciplinary award-bearing training programmes that offer senior executives the advanced knowledge and new perspectives they need to enhance their careers and fine-tune the competitive advantages of their organisations. Delivered by world-class faculty, the training programmes immerse participants in a learning culture that will have a life-long impact. Two Executive Master Programmes covering cross-disciplinary subjects are designed for Senior Executives with years’ experience at senior managerial level. The themes include innovation leadership and digital leadership. The Executive Diploma programmes focus on specific topics that are designed for business professionals, with flexible solutions for career advancement. The intensive programmes cover topical themes including accountancy, shopping mall management and intellectual property management. The Executive Certificate programmes are designed for business professionals with flexible solutions for career advancement. All of these professional trainings are award-bearing programmes feature seminars, workshops and intensive lectures supplemented by ample group discussions

      In addition, IAEE has developed a portfolio of executive training programmes that offer Senior Executives and business professionals flexible learning solutions in the development of their careers. We also work collaboratively with our clients to identify and understand their needs, and develop strategic business solutions that address the unique challenges they face. The format, framework, content, duration and methodologies of each training programme are completely customisable. Developed and delivered by leading experts and professionals in the field, our customized training programmes inspire, enrich and empower participants, leading to substantial outcomes for their organisations.

      Moreover, IAEE recognises the needs of senior and high potential executives for continuing professional development in order to stay ahead of the game. In the ever-changing business world where every minute counts, we hand pick a range of highly effective skill-focused e-Learning training courses for you to learn at your own pace.