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      The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) endeavours to make PolyU a unique organization of its kind for entrepreneurship development in both academic and business arenas. By fostering the "Do Well, Do Good" entrepreneurial culture in the University and the community, we help shape our next generation to be the future innovation drivers with social responsibility.

      IfE creates a platform to foster innovation and entrepreneurial culture and practices as a new model to achieve knowledge transfer. Through

      we create an organic ambience facilitating the young community to practise entrepreneurial spirit. Together with commercialization of hard and soft skill sets rooted from research works, we help the younger generation to become future leaders directing the sustainable development of our knowledge economy.

      Entrepreneurship Development – be innovative and socially responsible

      PolyU provides an extensive range of professional education, leadership and personal development programmes, and organizes activities to develop students’ entrepreneurship, creative thinking and problem solving skills. The University endeavours to cultivate "Do well Do good" entrepreneurship culture among the younger generation, and nurture them to become socially responsible entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

      As a dedicated partner of business, industry and the community, PolyU is committed to creating and transferring technology and knowhow with application value to the wider world in various ways. In pursuit of knowledge transfer, Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) was established to serve as an important platform to forge closer links between academics and business for their mutual benefits.

      While reinforcing University's leadership position in transferring knowledge to the industrial sectors, IfE has expanded its function in fostering innovation and entrepreneurial culture in the University and the community. One of the key initiatives to advocate entrepreneurship in the University under IfE was the creation of "Poly-preneur" community in 2012. It aimed to acknowledge the entrepreneurial spirit of its venturous graduates who started their own business and their contribution to the advancement of Hong Kong's economy.

      To facilitate the practice of entrepreneurial spirit, IfE has been providing seed funding to support startup ventures; "out-of-classroom" entrepreneurial learning experience; partnership with like-minded organizations and incubation resources to students and alumni. As PolyU produces more and more aspiring entrepreneurs and expands the Poly-preneur family, their good practices and contribution in knowledge transfer will be the future driving force of the sustainable economy.