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      Looking for the Top Ten Universities in Asia? As One of the Asia's Top Universities in Research Impact, PolyU HK Aims to be Listed among the Top 10 Chinese Universities

      Collaboration with Asia's Top Universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities in Asia. Most of them are the top 10 Chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia.

      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is one of the most popular and successful universities in Hong Kong. The University always possesses a vision to become one of the top 10 Chinese universities and furthermore, the top ten university in Asia. To accomplish such goal, PolyU has been developing innovations in areas ranging from building materials to space research. We are proud to be one of the Asia's top universities in cutting-edge research.

      Aim to Become One of the Top 10 Chinese Universities and Top Ten Universities in Asia

      PolyU firmly holds the mission of nurturing future leaders. We hope that our students will exhibit good ethics, sense of responsibility, passion and profound knowledge in their future workplace. In the journey of becoming one of the top 10 Chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia, PolyU transcends the boundaries between different countries and embraces different cultures that are brought to us by overseas students. Foreign students are seen as treasures which enrich the global community in our campus and bring cultural integration. We greatly care about the well-being of our students as well as their academic performance. In PolyU’s modern and well-equipped campus, students can fully enjoy a comfortable and energetic learning environment in the midst of a vibrant and busy city.

      Research for Excellence in Asia's Top Universities | Learning by exploring the Unknown

      Asia, the most populous continent in the world, is now prospering in terms of wealth, technology and academics. Since its establishment in the robust city of Hong Kong, PolyU has been striving to enhance the quality of life with pioneering research. Our researchers have been conducting cutting-edge researches on a national and even global level. As one of the top universities in Asia focusing in research, PolyU has a reputation for professionalism and innovation. We are committed to tackling some of the most pressing problems in the community like food safety, public health and sustainability. Our researches also cover national and international topics including space tool development and aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul. In 2013, PolyU developed the camera pointing system for the lunar exploration project of China. Being the first of its kind creation in Hong Kong, the system has accomplished its mission on the moon. Such success marked a significant milestone in the research history of PolyU and further affirmed our achievements as one of the top universities in Asia. In terms of hardware support, we have set up two Hong Kong State Key Laboratories which focus on the research of chirosciences and ultra-precision machining technology, reinforcing our connection and intellectual transfer with top-notch Chinese scientists and researchers. There are also laboratories under other departments, which allow researchers and students to look for new discoveries in different academic sectors. In PolyU, we nurture students as practical dreamers, aiming to bring together the best minds from different disciplines to come up with better solutions for the world.