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              Best Universities for Studying in Asia: Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Leading Role among the Best Asian Universities

              Studying in Asia is a Gateway to Excellence: Find Your Best Asian Universities

              PolyU (HK) ranks among Asia top universities. We strive to be one of the best universities in Asia / one of the best asian universities. Students who look for studying in Asia's world city, PolyU is the place for you.

              The Asian economic boom and subsequent rise to global prominence have made studying in Asia a sought-after option for many students worldwide. With the advantages of soaring growth rate in huge economies like the Chinese mainland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and others, the best universities in Asia are much more resourceful and well-connected now. What the best Asian universities can offer is a well-equipped campus, productive study atmosphere, cutting-edge researches and a vibrant city life. The experience of studying in Asia is reckoned to be life-changing and inspiring by our previous overseas students.

              Rankings of the Best Universities in Asia: PolyU HK Rated the Top Asian University in Hotel and Tourism Management

              Universities nowadays are increasingly competitive with the improvement in research and various experimental education approaches. Educational organisations such as Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), Times Higher Education, ShanghaiRanking and the like create league tables to assess the strengths and potential of top universities around the world. Many of the best Asian universities are now under the spotlight, gaining global attention. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is one of these young and uprising stars. As an Asian university, PolyU's professionalism is not only confined to its region. It is ranked 6th in the QS Top 50 Under 50 Rankings 2018, manifesting its success and merit in higher education. The School of Hotel and Tourism Management of PolyU has become the 3rd in the world for Hospitality and Leisure Management, rendering PolyU the only Asian University that enters the top 10 in the list. Our School is innovative and creative in terms of learning and teaching. Top-notch technology and learning aids are fully utilised to achieve the goals of the curriculum. As a result, PolyU has been widely recognised as an institution which produces high-calibre graduates who carry a sense of social responsibility.

              Enjoying a Plentiful Campus Life in PolyU

              PolyU takes pride in the diverse culture of its campus life. Our identity as an Asian university does not limit us from having a global vision. We seek the well-being of our local students and the other members coming from different cultures. That is why PolyU is committed to creating a campus that embraces the internationals, allowing insightful idea exchanges and meaningful cultural integration. Apart from the routine learning in classroom, students can enjoy an abundant school life with our world-class facilities in campus. We offer students with sports and recreational facilities like outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sports complex, modern gym and auditorium. A wide range of student activities and Service-Learning programmes are also held through each academic year, including the Global Village Festival which is an annual carnival fostering relationship between members from different parts of the world. We guarantee that after spending years in PolyU, students will gain both academic excellence and international perspectives.