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      Create Greater Value for PolyU

      Over the years, PolyU has gone through challenging times without compromising our mission to provide quality professional education and to excel in innovative research, as underlined by our motto "To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind!" The University now needs your support to help us continue to achieve our mission!

      The implementation of the 4-year undergraduate curriculum since September 2012 has imposed further financial pressure on the University, making it more essential for PolyU to tap new resources in order to maintain our academic excellence and to facilitate the all-round development of students. On the research front, the University also requires additional resources to develop our niche subject areas to world-class standard and to turn more of our research efforts into fruitful results. With your support, PolyU will be more able to contribute to the economic and social development of Hong Kong. This is the best time to support the PolyU's future development. Together, your contributions will create immense value for PolyU!

      Ways to support PolyU

      There are various ways to show your care and support to the University:

      Contact us

      Alumni Affairs and Development Office (Development Section)

      Tel : (852) 2766 4101
      Fax : (852) 2364 5467
      Email : almail@polyu.edu.hk
      Website : http://www.dv770.com/aado/do