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              Proudly Named as One of the Top Hospitality Universities - PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management

              Ranked 3rd of the World's Top Hospitality Universities - PolyU Hotel Management and Hospitality Programmes

              PolyU's hotel management and hospitality programmes ranked third of the world's top hospitality universities. The programmes equip students with fundamental skills, knowledge and hands-on experience serving the tourism industry worldwide.

              Founded over 35 years ago, PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management has been providing hospitality programmes that equip students with fundamental skills for the tourism industry. In light of the rapid growth in the tourism sector, PolyU never ceases to improve its existing programmes and is now proudly named as one of the top hospitality universities in the world. The city of Hong Kong, boasting its modernity and vigorous lifestyle, has always been one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. The well-established system of transportation, hotels, retails and catering proves that our hospitality sector has always placed a high value on services quality. On top of that, PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management plays a crucial role in nurturing future elites in the industry.

              Quality Hospitality Programmes in Response to the Thriving Business

              The unceasing efforts of all faculty members in conducting the hospitality programmes in PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management have taken the school to a new level of excellence, making it one of the largest and top hospitality universities in Asia and the world respectively. The success of our education services is clearly seen in 2017, we are ranked the 1st of Hospitality and Tourism Management by the ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2017 and the 3rd by QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017. The curriculum of our hospitality programmes is the brainchild of international industry leaders and educators, together with our world-class academic staff members. We are committed to enlightening students and igniting their passion towards learning, and at the same time getting them ready to serve the community in humble manners. Student can choose from a wide range of hospitality programmes offered by PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management, including Higher Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and PhD degree.

              Postgraduate degree is also available in mainland China as we see the potential of the robust China economy.

              Well-equipped with Inspiring Learning Aids, Leading the Tourism Business
              1. We believe that the essence of hospitality programmes and tourism education is connections between people, therefore, we greatly emphasize on gaining practical experiences in real working environments. Exemplifying our position of being one of the top hospitality universities, PolyU has developed the project of Hotel Icon as an extension of the PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management.

              2. Situated in the bustling city centre of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hotel Icon is a groundbreaking and pioneering teaching and research hotel and is the first of its kind in the world. It serves as a valuable training center for students to gain exposure to different areas of a hotel and to show their passion towards the industry. Curated by award winning artist Freeman Lau, the hotel features over 100 masterpieces from acclaimed artists. Such unique design and the warm ambience of the hotel perfectly reflect the professional image of our staff members and students. We hope that such project will meet the needs of the industry, both today and in the future.