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        The Council

        The Council is the governing body of the University. Established under the PolyU Ordinance, the Council comprises the President and Deputy President of the University as ex-officio members, 17 lay members from the business and professional sectors, three elected staff members, a member from the alumni and two elected full-time students.

        The Court

        The University Court was established in late 1995 as the supreme advisory body to the Council on matters of direction, with a view to promoting the well-being of the University. Headed by the Court Chairman, the University Court consists of three Honorary Chairmen, eight ex-officio members (Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Council; Treasurer; President of the University; a member of Senior Management nominated by the President; President of the Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations; President of the Students’ Union; and the immediate past Chairman of Council) and members appointed by Council from different sectors of the community.