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      Our Motto

      To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind

      The above is derived from the Chinese motto, quoted from the great Chinese classic Yijing (Book of Change) and two ancient treatises, one from Han dynasty and the other from pre-Qin times.

      The original Chinese text can be paraphrased as follows: "Learn every truth and use the knowledge learned to accomplish every task" and "to learn; to serve".

      Our Vision

      Be a leading university that advances and transfers knowledge, and provides the best holistic education for the benefit of Hong Kong, the nation and the world.

      Our Mission

      1. To pursue impactful research that benefits the world.
      2. To nurture critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers and socially responsible global citizens.
      3. To foster a University community in which all members can excel in their aspirations with a strong sense of belonging and pride.