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              Facts and Figures of PolyU: Institutional Research and Planning Office (IRPO) at PolyU provides you with the statistics of study enrolment, exchange partner, school staff figures and graduate employment As one of the largest government-funded tertiary institutions in Hong Kong in terms of student enrolment, PolyU offers a wide range of taught and research programmes at Doctorate, Master's, Bachelor's degrees and sub-degree levels. In 2015/16, its total student enrolment is 29,984. Nearly 20% of students come from overseas countries and Mainland China. In today's increasingly interconnected global community, PolyU reaches out across borders to advance its development in education and research. Our diversity extends from the nation to the world. In 2015/16, the University had established connection with 255 global exchange partners. Among all the exchange partners, nearly 50% of them are located in Europe. PolyU also provides a wide range of choices of academic exchange for our students. Students can choose from the list of exchange partner universities across more than 30 countries according to their degree programme studying and their personal preference. As at October 2015, there is a total of 5,056 full-time staff at PolyU. The school staff figures include 1,324 academic staff, 1,122 research staff and 2,610 administrative staff. The strong faculty from around the world works in respective teaching units and research institute. Our graduate employment survey summarizes the information about graduates' employment sectors, job natures, salaries and job-hunt performance. According to the graduate employment survey in 2015, around 88% of our degree graduates were employed and 4.2% of them had full-time further studies.