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      IfE endeavors to make PolyU a truly unique organization of its kind for entrepreneurship development in both academic and business arenas. By fostering "Do Well, Do Good" entrepreneurial culture in the University and the community, we help shape our next generation to be the future innovation drivers with responsible attitude to lIfE and to the society.

      IfE creates a platform to foster innovation and entrepreneurial culture and practices as a new model to achieve knowledge transfer. Through

      • Seed funding to support startup ventures of students and alumni,
      • “Out-of-the-classroom” entrepreneurial learning experience,
      • Partnership with like-minded organizations and incubation resources,

      we create an organic ambience facilitating the young community to practice entrepreneurial spirit. Together with commercialization of hard and soft skill sets rooted from research works, they will become the future leaders directing the sustainable development of our knowledge economy.

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      PolyU’s Endeavours in Entrepreneurship Development

      The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) under The Hong Kong Polytechnic University strives to distinguish itself from other higher education institutions for entrepreneurship development. Advocating an entrepreneurial culture which places equal emphasis on doing well and doing good in business, we pledge to equip our next generation so that they become socially responsible leaders of tomorrow who will play a crucial role in innovation and societal developments.

      The platform forged by the Institute helps fuel entrepreneurial practices and culture as well as innovation, making it a new means to facilitate knowledge transfer. For our younger community, we create a well-balanced entrepreneurial environment where they can put their entrepreneurial spirit into practice. Leveraging patented technologies developed by the University, these promising young people will become future leaders who drive the sustainable evolution of our knowledge economy.

      In this university, startups (HK or China based) founded by graduate and students are well supported. The support measures include providing entrepreneurial training and education, offering financial assistance in the form of seed funds, and networking with organizations with similar mindset and abundant incubation resources.

      In terms of financial support, IfE has set up a number of seed funding over the years, e.g. the PolyU Micro Fund Scheme established in 2011, STEFG-PolyU China Entrepreneurship Fund established with Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates in 2013, the “Good Seed” programme for social innovation projects, PolyU Tech Launchpad Fund Scheme, as well as HKSTP-PolyU Tech Incubation Fund Scheme.

      For entrepreneurship education, IfE provides short term workshops addressing to topics like risk management and design thinking are available to startup entrepreneurs. In addition, a series of training programmes for young entrepreneurs in Shanghai and Hong Kong were organized in collaboration with Fudan University. Startups (HK or Shanghai based) entrepreneurs can participate in these programmes. Moreover, Learning opportunities, which take forms of bootcamps, conferences, visits, seminars, missions, forums, are offered to young entrepreneurs, allowing them to obtain invaluable out-of-classroom entrepreneurial learning experience.