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      Tender Notice
      Finance Office (FO) of PolyU has issued to some selected suppliers tender invitations with details as per the below summary table. To enhance the competitiveness of the tendering process, tender notices are also posted here for information to all suppliers. Suppliers who are interested in bidding for the below PolyU's purchase requirements may contact the responsible purchasing officers of FO (i.e. the contact persons indicated below) to obtain more information and/or the tender invitation documents.

      For your information, only PolyU's registered suppliers are allowed to access/download the tender invitation documents directly from FO intranet. If you are presently not a PolyU's registered supplier but wish to become one, please complete and submit the "Application Form for Inclusion in the Registered Suppliers List of PolyU" for FO's consideration.
            Last revision date: 02-Oct-2019